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facebook host and hostility

The story of eating rice

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Everyone has the desire to act and react based on our feelings and that’s why we are human beings. I am trying to do the same with the medium of writing and film but over the years every society has created its own censorship and it varies from family to organization and often they called an authority. With the idea of censorship, Now the authority is trying to shut down voices who are known to different and often treated as an artist.

This situation is blocking the artist’s imagination and creating our own censorship. Often, we lose our voice to talk about the right or injustice because the authority always comes up with a harsh approach rather than the way of the artist speaks. This dilemma affects on an artist.

This effect has created my two identities: artist and authority of myself. One perspective is about imagination and another one is about a protester. I have tried to portrait these two host and hostile situations by my writing and performance!