In a quarantine situation, I am more interacting with my imagination. I am going to my past, memories, and trying to live in reality often blend a surrealistic experience. Sometimes, I start living others' life by reading the news. All these things make me realize that I could write my experience in the form of fiction and poetry to give my readers a way to take a world where they can have experience in my living. Image is more powerful than words but the language is a skill with a lot of possibilities. It is like a game of puzzle. Someone is giving hints and the readers crack it with his own experience and create his own world.

However, by making these words passage, I have realized I am locked in my house for almost one month and the most important thing inspires me…Sleep, A window, Food and Toilet. Without these, maybe I could not write a single word. It looks silly but that’s the important thing which is helping me calm down and through these limited elements, I am trying to maintain a loop in my daily routine. That loop of living helps to go beyond of hostile situation.

01.05.2020 - Balancing the parallel existing

Nuruzzaman Khan