In the documentary film Um Lugar ao sol (Gabriel Mascaro, 2009), one of the characters who lives in a penthouse says “we have fireworks displays almost every day, they are very beautiful!”. Then she explains they are actually flying bullets from shootouts in a favela. She completes: “Rather tragic, but very beautiful.”

In the film Parasite (Bong Joon Ho, 2019), in one of the car scenes, while talking on the phone the upper-class woman demonstrates her satisfaction about the last night storm: “that rain was such a blessing”. The driver, who was negatively affected by a flood, uncomfortably eavesdrops her words.

Same thing, different contexts, different meanings, different effects.

I am not sure what this pandemic means to the whole world. 

I am not sure what it means to me.

Cecília Bandeira

29.04.2020 - Meaning