After we all have the immense danger knocking our doors, changing our life for uncertain period of time because of the pandemic.

Trying to find the perfect way to express my thought is extremely hard because I still live the danger and I’m not completely able to understand the whole picture, but what I could talk about is my feelings at the exact same moment, so I decided to describe that

Many pictures combined in my mind as a representation of my feeling at this point, there was pressure, fear, loneliness, instability, lack of safety, and eagerness my home.

A state of uncertainty in my feelings, I was lost trying to express my thoughts. This is an exceptional time I will not control my ideas, those different stages I experienced can represent my state.

The state of helpless human, the state of lost artist


Hanan Saif


Stage 1

facebook host and hostility

Stage 2

Extreme Motherhood

Trapped inside our flat under pressure, to reach a level where we take it out with us. Trying to protect our beloved ones could be as harmful as this disease.

Stage 3


I have been always eager to travel back to my village in this loneliness. 
As I’m not allowed to think of going back, I thought of a way to trick my mind that I’m just close to everyone I love.
This is a road sign actually there on my way home from Damascus to Swaida … Every time I saw it, I felt that I’m home again 

Stage 4

The idea of strawman go back to my memories in my childhood, I know that the purpose of the strawman is to scare the birds in fields, but for me, it was always related with beautiful nature, with the peace I felt in the vast field while I watched this object dressing usually some traditional old black clothes very related to the image of my grandfather with a lot of feelings holding in. For me, it wasn’t scary at all. Now in this situation, we live under quarantine, when I look to these empty streets, cities, and parks. I feel a very strong connection between the two scenes. I think we need a strawman which can remind us of the meaning of others in the empty space.