8 min. video

The theme of the exhibition, the discussions of the workshop were originally connected to migration and personal experiences related to it.

Emigration is a global phenomenon that has seriously affected Hungary in the last decade. Hundreds of thousands of people felt their life unbearable here for pesonal, political or economical reasons and left the country.

The existential situation of the independent contemporary art scene is also on the verge of intolerability. The issue of career change and emigrating in hope of better opportunities affects many in this area.

With the help of a nonhuman analogy I tried to show examples of how we draw our personal boundaries, what is the point where bearable turns into unbearable. My work investigates the process of decision-making and the dynamics of constant consideration.

During the isolation due to the new coronavirus situation we were all forced to experience the limits of our tolerance from a different point of view in a very short period of time.


Márta Czene



facebook host and hostility