“Your desire to be near to window is your desire to be close to life

Life these days has become itself so engaging amidst emptiness…engaging in terms of all the emotional conflicts that we are dealing with. Anxiety, uncertainty, stress, meaninglessness and tension has become an indispensable part of our ‘new normal’. But in the middle of this dark reality which engulfs our stability and wellness, we are all getting the time to know and do the things outside the norm…to seek and reciprocate on how to feed our soul with right nourishment…to reify the unrecognised realities hidden deep within ourselves. While struggling in any dilemma, emotionally or mentally, we always desire and look for a breather…something to alleviate ourselves. And now I feel our windows serve that relief, that assurance of hope and awaiting possibilities. Windows, that now became the only connection between our personal and public space…inevitably renders bliss and a silent companionship witnessing and experiencing all those contemplations generated indoors, behind closed windows or while gazing through them.

Our windows might be different…so are our inner realities. But now aren’t we all somehow connected, as if living under the same roof even being isolated, facing the same window day after day; the window might separate us from the outer world but also opens another window of self-discovery. This window leads us to a space which we otherwise seldom prioritise. It enables to uncover the hidden realisations stored deep within. It exposes many such unrecognised moments, memories and feelings separating the real from the apparent. It enlightens the several accumulated layers of our comprehension and knowledge. It makes us differentiate our actual needs than the superficial demands and desires.

In this project I have worked with 15 such realisations of my friends and family including mine. I have their stories, their discoveries, their wishes, their hopes…I have written them in my own handwriting, I read them every day…and that’s how felt them, and I felt that I am NOT ALONE. My window bears them all. My window, which lets me find strength and comfort, not just for the outer world’s attractive beckoning, but for the sense of security that its inner surface provides as well…for the feeling of presence that these stories render. They seem to fade away in the mornings but appear as soon as the sun sets and the outer world starts to darken…and then again, I feel I am NOT ALONE…because we all are together in this.

While working with these texts that I received as messages from them, I went through all possible folds of emotions. I observed a part of me in each of them. I felt these could be my stories as well. I could perceive my presence in each of these realizations. So, I dedicated one window to each of them which doesn’t necessarily translate their discoveries or reflect their stories, rather it portrays a symbiosis of their emotions and my compassion. It resonates a relationship amidst isolation.

All these realizations have been conceived and felt by separate individuals at different places in seclusion, but they get unified on my window where seemingly they all are having a wonderful vigorous conversation. Yes, we all await that moment when these realizations will become the prime topic on our table gatherings, when again we will fill up the air with the pleasant cacophony of all the stored-up stories.

Text Courtesy: Márta Czene, Judit Lilla Molnár, Enkhtaivan Ochirbat, Susana Pilar, Tra Nguyen, Volkan Mengi, Nuruzzaman Khan, Cecília Bandeira, Zahra Fuladvand, Hanan Saif, Vitor Silva, Dia Zékány, Subrata Majumder, Sanjib Barui and Pallavi Majumder


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