facebook host and hostility

My husband told me that one night when he came home from a party as a teenager and turned on the radio, he heard the full audio of a movie being broadcast in memory of the protagonist. He knew the movie thoroughly. He said it was a very strange experience. When he closed his eyes he saw the pictures in front of him.
I’ve experienced this at the age of 14 when I was learning English. That time it was not so easy to find native language audio material so I recorded movies on an audio cassette recorder and listened to them.
Now that we’re stuck in our rooms we keep in touch with everyone online, work in front of screens and spend most of our free-time there as well. Our eyes are already so tired that almost every picture is a burden.
I remembered how good it feels to just sit back close my eyes and try to use my ears. It’s also self-restraint, it’s also a renunciation, much like the many things we’ve been renouncing lately. But as we hear the sounds of a well-known movie the images almost by themselves appear as memories. We also know in the meantime that the lack of sight is only temporary. Now, however, we can pay attention to our ears and the images we see behind our closed eyes.

The film we hear is The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman, reflections on life and death in a different pandemic. The podcast is in Hungarian because I could not find a legally available English version of the movie.
For English listeners I would suggest La Jetée by Chris Marker about the nature of time and memory in front of a dystopian background of humanity's fight for survival.



Márta Czene