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Many things in this world are the host. Men and women, plants, animals, the air, even a single cell, even a single stone is a host. Especially one a word, a sound, even one thought is a host. Our ancestors and their ancestors were also hosts. Everything that has past things and present things in the future is a host. Therefore, borders, religion, wealth, society, and politics are all empty. They created by humanity themselves. I think the cause is it we can destroy it yourself. One word can be a host and one word can be hostility.
A stone thrown up will fall on his head. That has a folk proverb in the Mongolian. If something happens or does not happen, it is because of the people themselves. Even though there are unusual factors that do not depend on people. I think some things affect them. It can be one a word, it can be the one a cell, it can be one thought, and it can be the atom. People create hostility than in words and actions; they create hostility in some form and are hostile to others. Most of the trouble caused in the world by human activity, which in turn causes suffering. Afterward, what will happen next when this situation ends, will people bring another new hostility? I just will hope that people knew how small they are.


Enkhtaivan Ochirbat


The one word

facebook host and hostility