Cyber-performance (10 mins)
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Tra Nguyen


Horus Case

facebook host and hostility


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were witnessing our life being somehow intensely influenced by the cyber world. The oversaturation with information, the threat of the news about deadly infectious diseases, the overload of online working, and communication generated terrible claustrophobia and crazy suppression around. The COVID-19 situation brought some of us to the state of feeling in real cyber-psychological torture. All of these problems motivated me to create the Horus Case project.

Cyberspace is considered a generous host willing to share all sorts of impressive information and attractive entertainment services.  But in fact, behind the seemingly polite gestures there are hundreds of hidden hostile tactics and shady acts that we do not know or don’t consider. With the "manual of interrogation and torture" Horus Case aims to expose the darkest conspiracies of the Internet forces.

Horus Case is a cyber performance based on a fictional scenario. The artwork starts with a war declaration video of Anonymous - a legion activist group. Besides declaring war on the Union of Corporations and States (UCS), Anonymous discloses the atrocities of UCS also through revealing the top-secret document - "Cyber interrogation and torture manual" published by UCS. To access the manual, participants need to use one of the ID codes of the 20 most influential individuals' ID numbers of the UCS organization. After logging in to the system, users have the possibility to access the 20 pages description of "cyber interrogating and torturing" tactics.

The two constitutive elements of the docu-fictional work are: 
War declaration video of Anonymous and the Cyber interrogation and torture manual.
War declaration video of Anonymous

To access the Cyber interrogation and torture manual, 
please follow the guide:

Step 1 > Copy one of the ID numbers in the below list
Step 2 > Click to this link
Step 3 > Paste the ID numbers in the "Sign in with code" box

Abe Shinno:                      JP.4023940293
Angileno Merkel:             789274679.GR
Bora T Johnson:               384274239.UK
Denald G Trump:             198047893923.US
Immanuel Macron:          789274679.FR
King Jong An:                    NK.8492349202
Vlademit R Putin:             4923029F3923420.RS
Xong Jinping:                     CS.3940923492
Dan Schulman:                 934409091229.PP
Elom A Musk:                    012023018304.OI
Jeck Ma:                             AL.5879923354
Jiff Bezos:                           230183023203.AM
Mart K Zuckerberg:          319239183923.FB
Me Huateng:                     TS.9098909944
Pechool Sundar:               938402320302.GG
Rid Hasting:                       380239423414.NF
Robert Murdoch:              842093420340.US
Robin Lee:                          4029349230.BD
Satini Nadella:                   983128309256.MS
Timotha Z Cook:               434203940943.AP