Original video art duration: 5:01
Performance duration: 4:13

Performers: Zahra Fuladvand, Bernadett Jobbágy,
Videographer: Bernadett Jobbágy,
Camerist: Viktor Borbély
Creator: Zahra Fuladvand 

The art project entitled: “280 Days” is the latest cooperation between the two artists (Bernadett Jobbágy and Zahra Fuladvand) as a final artwork of the Host and Hostility exhibition. This project is the reflection of motherhood emotions and feelings in human nature. 

The concept of the works is originated from Zahra, who is in her last stage of pregnancy. Co-creation is realized with the creative participation of Bernadett as videographer and performer, and Viktor Borbély as camerist. 

“280 Days” represent the connection and relationship between 2 spaces, Zahra´s space and her baby space inside her body. For her as an artist, this border between 2 worlds is not limited only to her body. This personal boundary could be borderless. It could be extended as large as the whole earth covered with the sky. It could be as large as the entire human beings with different languages from all over the world.

“Touching my skin, something like a little tree is growing inside me. I can feel the movement, like infinitive drops of rain inside the water. I can feel too many trees are growing at the same time inside me. I can hear them; I can listen to them. Do you know how many leaves can grow on one tree? How many trees we have on our planet? Is there any separation between their roots inside the mother earth space? Do you know in what language do they talk?”

The video art, projected from Zahra´s flat window, into the front building wall. She is walking beside the projected video image by an empty stroller while carrying the baby inside her belly. There are different reactions to found audiences who are passing over this street.

The voices and footage of the video took by some of the participated artists in this group exhibition: Bernadett Jobbágy, Marta Czene, Judit Lilla Molnar, Enkhtaivan, Susana Pilar, Tra Naguyen, Pallavi Majumder, Nuruzzaman Khan, Cecilia Bandeira, and Zahra Fuladvand.


Zahra Fuladvand


280 Days

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